Leaving, travelling, arriving


Monday 10-08-09

07:45     Bassie wakes up so he won’t miss the delivery of the car papers
11:30     The car papers arrived, delivered by DHL
14:00     Bas & Marc go to the Dutch Embassy to get an official stamp on their unofficial paper
15:30     The group gathers at the Aerodrome Sarajevo to pick up Wouter (aka Cash) who, apart from bringing
himself, is also bringing the car papers of the van: we’re legal now!
16:30     We leave Sarajevo, Jan, Bas & Niels in the car. Cash and Marc in the van.
18:30     Cash & Marc are totally lost, tried to take a shortcut. Never try to take a shortcut when you don’t have a
map…the road they were driving on decided to stop and continues as a bumpy, very bumpy, very very
bumpy path.
20:00    C & M finally meet a big road, still not knowing were they are. They can go right or left, they guess right.
They guessed right. They (M) starts to speed up. After 3 km they are stopped by police. They speeded up too
much. The police officer is not amused, they get a fine. 50 KM(=25 Euro) which they have to get by the
closest bank, 20 kilometers back. They are fucked. Try to explain that they are lost, the police officer wants
to know what is in the van. Flashbacks come back of opening the van and getting in to troubles. M opens
the van, an amplifier falls out. The police officer begins to smile: ‘Musici!’ he decides that we can pay in
euros and that he is going to ‘exchange’ it by himself. He explains the way, and M+C continue their path.
20:30    Miraculously M+C meets B+J+N, 5 km from the border with Serbia.
20:45    At the border, Bosnia let’s us pass without a problem. Serbia asks for the ATA-Carnet. We don’t have an
ATA-Carnet. We show the unofficial papers with the official stamps. Mister Douane goes inside. After 5
minutes, Mister Duane returns. ‘ buy Kamagra online This is not a valid document’ purchase Lamisil while giving us the papers with a glorious
stamp of Mister duane.
21:00   We enter Serbia.
21:30   We stop at a gas station, buy our diner (chips, chocolate and red bull) buy 2 good maps, tank and continue.

Tuesday 11-08-09

01:15   With the good maps, coordination was no problem so we arrive at the Serbian-Kosovo border.
01:30   Must have been the smoothest crossing until now, Serbia let’s us go, Kosovo (after the magic words
‘music band’ shows us the way: ‘100 km, only straight’)
02:00   M again makes the mistake of speeding (apparently we were driving through a village, apparently 1 house
is a village, apparently the police only stops foreigners) so we’re pulled over. They say we have to pay 40
euros, but not know (when M asks) but Wednesday at the bank in Mitrovice, while they will take our driving
license and car papers. Cash tries it in French, asks again if we can pay now. Police officer asks how much     w        we have, we have 15 euros. Police officer sighs, says ok, and makes us ensure that we don’t tell others.
03:30    After following every traffic sign perfectly, meeting around 7 other police cars waiting for foreigners to get
money, we finally arrive in Pristina. And then…Lucas by phone tells us to go to the Urban FM building,
because that’s the place we sleep Radio urban Fm (www.radiourbanfm.com). We don’t know how to get there. Bas asks a patrolling police car. They will
bring us there. M+C, after having a few not so nice encounters with police, are suspicious. Start to follow,
the police car stops on a certain moment. Two of them step out, we don’t know what is happening, waiting
game. After 8 minutes they come back and we continue. The police is lost, stop a taxi and together with the taxi we
continue our search. Finally we get to the place, helped by Pristina police+Pristina cab.
04:30 Sleep time.

p.s. Google maps says it takes 4 hours to get from Sarajevo to Pristina…thank you google maps Valtrex cheap